It’s not an uncommon observation that different professions need different work spaces to perform their roles effectively. For instance, if you are a shop owner, you would want your shop to be designed in a manner that would allow consumers hassle-free browsing and purchase experience. But if you are a restaurant owner, your focus will be on making sure that the pathway from table to kitchen is always accessible to your staff so that your customers can get timely meals along with a great ambiance. As different spaces serve different functions, it is important to hire experts who can help overcome challenges peculiar to the respective sectors and build a fit out that can grow business and maximize productivity.

For some of these places, a DIY approach may work to a certain extent but when it comes to converting empty spaces like warehouses into functional workspace, expert help from industrial fit out specialists is mandatory. Industrial fit out experts will assess your site, consult your team, and build a plan that aligns with your business goal. Some of the ways in which they will help you is by delivering tailored layouts, recommending if you need to install mezzanine to expand your production space, creating a design that is both energy efficient and inclusive of surveillance and security systems, incorporating the requirement for separate office space, shelving, partitions, packing area, and storage and much more. By taking into account both the immediate needs as well as future requirements, they will work with you to ensure that the warehouse fit out is cost efficient and safe.

But before you proceed to execute a fit out project for your industrial space, be wary of the following eight mistakes:

Dedicating Less Time For Planning

An industrial fit out specialist dedicates their major chunk of time on planning which includes taking as many scenarios as possible into consideration, especially when the fit out project is of a warehouse that not only needs attention towards the designated spaces for machinery and staff but also towards the flow of goods and repurposing areas for unprecedented requirements while ensuring that the entire layout is functional and easy to navigate. Rushing through the planning stage to start early can have dire consequences later.


Executing a fit out project requires coordinating with multiple internal and external parties including contractors for material and design. A fit out company offers an organization with a single point of contact who ensures that all the involved parties are on the same page while making sure that the project is not exceeding the designated budget and timeline. While it’s important for the client to stay updated throughout the project, micromanaging will only hinder the team’s efficiency in delivering the output. 

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Budget Planning Issues

It’s not a recommended practice to start a fit out project without finalizing the budget and service contracts. Not only does it leave room for evading accountability but it also results in a financial loss for the client. Fit out projects for industrial spaces are bound to incur huge cost and therefore, it becomes necessary to budget the project effectively and fit out specialists can help in identifying areas where costs can be saved or minimized. Another mistake that clients need to be wary of is to shell out more money as they progress. A fit out project must be based on the requirements, budget and timeline and not otherwise.

Skipping The Specifics

An industrial fit out design layout is based on the type of products that are being manufactured in the warehouse. This determines positioning of the doors, racking, aisle’s width and layout, and picking and packing area. Skipping these specifications while discussing the plan can lead to inadequate space allocation. The layout must also take into account the placement of electrical systems and air conditioning from the get go. 

Lighting Considerations

Within a warehouse too, each team needs workspaces appropriate to their work requirements. Teams working on ground will prioritize space available to them while teams working on the administrative side will focus more on having a distraction free area. And for both the teams, the use of lighting will vary but it is important to ensure that depending on the need, the staff receives it in adequate amount. Harsh lighting can have a negative impact on employees. The issue can be resolved with the centralization of windows and skylights to maximize the use of natural light in the workspace. This will help cut the cost and it will also be an environment-friendly option.  

Incongruent Theming 

Considering the area offered by a warehouse in setting up machinery, office space, meeting areas and more, clients have the opportunity to establish their brand identity and core value into the infrastructure. Incongruent theming that do not align with the company’s brand guidelines and voice leave clients with a missed opportunity to provide themselves a competitive edge against their competitors. Fit out specialists can help avoid this mistake during the design stage by incorporating elements that speak for the brand’s identity. 

Ignoring Safety Regulations & Licences

To carry out its project, an industrial fit out company in Melbourne must have the necessary licences and certifications. The industrial fit out contractors too must be bonded and insured to avoid any on-site debacle. In terms of the building a fit out, the fit out company must implement safety and prevention measures including but not limited to the placement of fire extinguishers, emergency escape passages, lighting, clear signage and others.


Mezzanine floors installation in industrial fit outs can help clients expand the space if required in the future. Therefore, it is important for clients to pay attention to the scope of the project not just for the present but also for the future. Not doing so will lead to reinitiation of the fit out project and will be redundant to the earlier approach of minimizing cost and generating long term ROI.

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