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Retail Shop Fitouts – Melbourne

A professional shop fitout involves planning and executing the layout of a retail store, ensuring that business-specific equipment, fixtures and fittings are installed with the highest level of precision and thought. The end result should be something that ensures a positive customer experience and convenient accessibility, while being functional, safe and industry compliant. If you’re looking for expert retail shopfitters in Melbourne, contact the team at Hirison.

Taking into account both visual appeal and easy navigation, we create professional retail fitouts for businesses throughout Melbourne designed to make it easy for customers to find what they need to help give your business a high conversion rate and strong reputation. We work with all our clients closely to make sure that their brand personality is represented accurately and their target customer is appealed to through our refurbishment process.

Professional Retail Shopfitters

Having a professionally designed and constructed shop fitout is an essential part of protecting your brand and driving more customers into your store. It’s important to take advantage of the space you’re working with, and tailor it to suit your brand and industry. Whether you’re remodelling an existing store or fitting out a new store from scratch, you need to use the space you have to your advantage.

With the use of expert designed product displays, lighting schemes and strategic points of service, you can help encourage your customers to spend longer periods within your store and drive up your average transaction. Your business should be strategically laid out for your customers’ convenience and comfort so that they enjoy spending time in-store, sending them on a carefully curated journey that ends with them making that all-important final purchase.

Having an enticing entrance, clear walkways and well thought out flow throughout the store will help to encourage this, and give your staff ample opportunity to provide exceptional customer service as well. At Hirison, our retail shopfitters have unbeatable knowledge of what makes a shop fitout successful and how this can be applied to your renovation project.

Your Trusted Shopfitting Service in Melbourne

At Hirison, we can help you fitout your retail space with quality, efficiency and professionalism. After evaluating and assessing your site, we will provide a consultation and build a concept that takes into consideration the unique needs of your business and the experience you want to provide for your customers.

We offer a 2-year service warranty with a fixed contract and always go through the proper channels during construction, obtaining the necessary permits and making sure everything is completed to perfection. You will be kept involved throughout the entire process, receiving regular updates and access to any information that you desire.

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Contact Hirison today if you’re looking for reliable retail shopfitters who can take your property to the next level. We provide expert fitouts for businesses all over Melbourne. To discuss your office fitout, renovation or refurbishment requirements, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9114 2207 or contact us online. We are ready to discuss your project and provide an onsite evaluation, assessment and consultation.



With a 40-year international experience of bringing thousands of projects to life, Hirison is a professional company offering services in shop fitouts, office fitouts, commercial renovations, extensions, alterations and more.

We are an experienced team of operation managers, supervisors, and builders and we will help manage your shop fitout project from start to finish and deliver on our promise for quality delivery and faster turnaround time.

To maintain transparency, we will inform you about the cost that your shop fit out project will incur and upon agreement, we will ensure adherence to the final budget with a 1-year service warranty and fixed-price contract.

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