With the evolution in work culture, workforce expectations from their employers, and the impact a physical space can have on both people and a company’s bottom line, decision-makers are rethinking their approach towards their offices. They are looking for cost and time-effective solutions that can serve the present requirements and continue to adapt to their changing needs. For this, they are seeking the expertise of office fit out specialists.
Office fitting is a process of developing interiors to make a property suitable for occupation. The shell and core structure needs to be worked upon by an office fit out company before the organization can commence its operations.

In Australia, the rising construction activities in the non-residential construction sector, rapid urban infrastructure development, favourable government policies, and low mortgage interest rates have contributed to the growth of the interior fit out market. Another reason for its growth is the rising demand for technological integration in new buildings for efficient operations.

According to TechSci Research, the Australia interior fit out market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 14% during 2019-2024.

But office fit outs come with their own set of challenges, some of which include dated infrastructure lacking scope for sustainability, rising prices for material, communication barriers, apprehensions with respect to cost estimation, the demand of parking space, and needs for modern technology & tools set up. But with careful planning, professional fit out contractors can help overcome these challenges.


The change in office fit outs trends highlights the importance of factors like space utilization, structure sustainability and their impact on the environment, both internal and external. The present and foreseeable capacity and rapid advancement of technology especially in scenarios like the global pandemic that has fastened innovation and changed working style need to be the core of a fit out strategy.

The traditional style of working did not take the ergonomics of space into consideration leading to issues like cramped work areas and inflexibility of structure to accommodate technology needs. Owing to the mindset of utility, the impact of office interiors’ quality on one’s well-being and its role in an organization’s brand identity also did not make it to the checklist.

Office fit outs and renovations in a dated infrastructure pose a huge challenge for office fit out contractors. Both the processes are expensive and might not fit every organization’s budget. To overcome this hurdle, professionals work to offer budget-friendly solutions with feasible and most important changes that a structure will need. These changes include using POE lighting fixtures to reduce capital costs, adding extra space, improving airflow, and establishing channels and Wi-Fi facilities to eliminate communication barriers.

Another challenge is to make sure the interiors are accessible to the employees. As they spend close to 8-10 hours in the office, every employee has their preference for lighting and temperature. Office fit outs specialists can resolve this issue by placing automatic sensors within the workspaces. Equipped with resources and industry expertise, an office fit out company works to make sure that the workspace is not just visually appealing but also durable and eliminates any operational bottleneck for employees who work in different or prolonged shifts.


The cost estimation for a fit out project is another big challenge. The cost for a project depends on the price of the material, the number of resources available, and negotiation with the sub-contractors. It is important for an office fit outs company to adopt tools that can help them manage their project seamlessly and keep budget in check. The tools will help in keeping track of all the costs associated with the project, a record of invoices, and financial data from the past projects to help make an informed decision for the ongoing and upcoming clients. Using a tool will also help get rid of manual record-keeping with ready-to-serve reports available to be shared, saving on time, resources and costs.


With an increase in workforce strength and prospects of future growth for an organization, it is expected from employees to demand a dedicated parking space. Not everyone lives near to the office and some will prefer personal vehicles over public transport. But for organizations, expanding a parking space involves investment and taking permits from regulatory bodies. One of the ways in which they can tackle this issue is by offering solutions like tie-ups with cab-hailing service providers enabling employees to take pick and drop services without using their own vehicles. The organization can also try to encourage employees to make sure of public transportation by providing riding services till bus stops and stations. But to accommodate people with personal vehicles who might not take this option, working with an office fit out specialist is the best solution. Not only are they well-versed with the required permits but will also come up with innovative solutions to make a good use of a parking area which can include but is not limited to building a multi-storeyed space.

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