With a 40-year international experience of bringing thousands of projects to life, Hirison is a professional company offering services in shop fitouts, office fitouts, commercial renovations, extensions, alterations and more.
We are an experienced team of operation managers, supervisors, and builders and we will help manage your shop fitout project from start to finish and deliver on our promise for quality delivery and faster turnaround time.
To maintain transparency, we will inform you about the cost that your shop fit out project will incur and upon agreement, we will ensure adherence to the final budget with a 1-year service warranty and fixed-price contract.

What Is Shop Fit Out Service?

Every outlet comes with its specific objective, service offering, and customers. Shop fitting service involves fitting out of an outlet, starting from planning and designing the layout to the installation of business-specific equipment, fixtures, and fittings. Specialists in shop fitouts provide services on all fronts to ensure experience, accessibility, and compliance.

Shop Fit Outs professionals take customers’ in-store experience into consideration and aim to not just make the outlets visually appealing but also navigation-friendly so that the people can find the products easily and make better purchase decisions. A well-executed shopfitting project speaks for a business’ brand personality and helps in its growth.

Why Do You Need Shop Fit Out?

An outlet is a promotional space for a business that gives it an opportunity to establish its brand reputation and drive in more customers. With a direct impact of an outlet on the business’s bottom line, it becomes important to make optimal use of it.

The right and strategic approach to shop fit outs help in achieving this goal by building a new structure from the ground up or deciding important changes to an existing outlet with due consideration of the ergonomics of the space.

A Shopfitting professional is aware of the impact of effective space utilization. They implement their plan to ensure that not only a customer spends more time within the store but is able to reach the hotspots and focal points to buy products. With the right combination of space study, objective understanding, layout planning, design, installation, and coordination, shop fitting can be a key to provide a holistic experience to the team and the customers.

Benefits of Shop Fit Outs

Shopfitting is a time-consuming process that requires coordination with different teams and vendors, decision-making and expertise. With the help of an experienced specialist, not only do businesses save time but also get quality work that lasts for years.

Unique Solutions for Every Space

Shop fit outs do not come with a one-size-fits-all approach. Considering the available space, scope of functionality, and your brand as well as business goals, specialists provide a unique solution for your outlet.

Provide Competitive Edge to Business

The in-store experience is a significant part of marketing and customer service. A well-designed and accessible outlet that helps a customer find what they are looking for and will bring them back to the store and eventually contribute to referrals.


Shop fit outs require investment and not every business can afford to refurbish its space frequently. It is therefore important that when opting for a shop fitting company, clients check the quality of the work. A shop fit out must last long enough to allow an outlet to function smoothly.

Get A Professional Shop fitting Service In Melbourne With Hirison

Our team at Hirison can help you in fitting out your outlet with a guarantee for quality, efficiency and professional service. After we receive your inquiry, we will evaluate your site, assess and provide consultation. We will then, proceed to build a concept outline that’s feasible and takes your requirements into consideration.

We provide our clients with a 2-year service warranty with a fixed contract. Proceeding with design drawing and preparatory work, we will commence our work on the project, check for permits, and hand it over upon completion and acceptance.

Hirison takes a collaborative approach towards our work which means that you will receive regular updates and throughout the project, we will guide you through the entire process and offer advice, wherever needed.

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