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We will commence work upon the acceptance of the contract which will include fixed budget and 1-year service warranty to ensure transparency from the outset.

What Is Office Fit Out Service?

Office Fit Out succeeds shell and core, a stage when landlord provides a space to their tenant for setting up the office. It is inhabitable and needs to be worked upon by specialists so that it can be used by the organization to carry out their functions.

Office Fit Out involves two stages – basic Cat A fit out with raised floors, suspended ceilings, basic mechanical, electrical and plumbing, surface finishes and blinds and Cat B fit out that includes creating a bespoke workspace.

Cat B fit out is carried out to align a physical space with the organization’s corporate identity, culture, and foreseeable growth. It includes elements such as branding, partitioning, carpeting, lighting, furniture, air conditioning, cafe, tea points, kitchen and establishment of other functional areas.

Why Do You Need Office Fit Out?

Office offers a space for employees, clients, and prospects to come and interact with the organization. It is the visual evidence of an organization’s values, personality and work environment. As employees spend a major part of their day in the office, they expect to have a space where they can work attentively, deliver, communicate effectively and relax.

In addition to the aesthetics, a professional office fit out takes space utility, accessibility, function, and adaptability into account. Different areas are created to serve the specific purpose of working, meeting, conducting seminars, brainstorming, or recreation. When carried out by a specialist, an office fit out also ensures that employees have a healthy and safe experience while working.

Benefits of Office Fit Out Service

Office Fit Outs do not just benefit organization in terms of optimum space utilization but also impacts employees’ relationship with the company and its brand. Here are some key benefits of a well-designed office fit out:

Time Saving

Office Fit Out professionals work with a specific process, starting from project preparation, plan implementation, and completion. By bringing in a dedicated project manager with expertise in the area who will take the specific requirements into account, an organization can be assured of timely and quality delivery.


Office fit outs require planning and investment and not every organization can afford to reinitiate the process frequency. It is therefore important that when opting for an office fit out company, clients check the quality of the work. An office fit out must last long enough to allow the organization to function smoothly.

Increase Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

A well-executed office fit out will make the space attuned to employees’ need for less distraction and smooth communication so that they can focus and complete their work. It will also ensure that the office provides a balance between work and relaxation, encouraging employees to come back to it daily.

Build Brand Advocacy

The office that speaks to employees with the values they share with the organization turns people into brand ambassadors who advocate for the culture through their channels. A good office fit out does not just help build the brand for the new employees but also helps increase loyalty amongst the old members.

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Our service department comprises of operation manager, supervisors and builder who will take care of the project from start to finish. We guarantee collaboration and guidance throughout the process. We commence our work after evaluation and assessment of the site and concept outlining. Post-signing of the contract which includes service warranty and fixed budget, we work to make sure the project is compliant and hand it over to you upon completion and acceptance.

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