A workspace setup exhibits one’s values in business and its work culture. It offers a glimpse into the leadership’s vision for business and approach to the well-being of their staff. A good commercial setup provides a balance between work and recreation, allowing the workforce to perform its tasks without any hurdle by providing them with distraction-free workspaces and by offering them options to refresh with areas like café and restroom. Building such a setup requires planning and expertise.

Commercial fitting is a time and cost-intensive process and can have a lasting impact on a business, its brand, and its workforce. Every commercial fit out is constructed to fulfil specific needs of the business, some of which include giving an image overhaul, improving space for the growing capacity, building multi-functional areas to conduct a variety of activities and more. So, before you choose a commercial fit out company to take up your project, consider asking them the following questions. The questions will help you assess their capabilities and make an informed decision:

How Much Experience Do You Have In Handling Office Fit Outs Projects?

Giving a newbie a chance is an invitation to mishaps and with projects that need to factor in budget, quality, and safety, it is better to choose a commercial fit out company that holds experience in the field. Request for a project portfolio that can showcase the quality of their work and the range of requirements they have handled.

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in fit outs, renovations, extensions, alterations and more. To ensure that our prospects know what they will get when they onboard with us, we have added our project portfolio on the website.

Have You Worked On Commercial Fit Out Projects? 

Demand specific case studies or visual examples to assess if a company has specialists who can handle projects for commercial fit outs. Every fit out, be it for shops, cafes, retail stores, offices or industrial spaces, is different and comes with its own set of specificities. A company that has been in existence for years should be able to provide specific project examples.

Do You Understand The Goal For My Fit Out Requirements?

Not many business owners consider this question. A fit out company can have ample experience but if they fail to understand your business goal for the commercial fit outs, the project is going to fail and it’s better to catch and resolve any issues before starting the work than regretting your decision after it has been completed. Conduct a thorough questioning during the consultation and briefing sessions to explain your goals, visions, and specific requirements for your fit outs.

How Will You Manage My Project And How Much Should I Get Involved?

The need for a commercial fit out professional emerges from the hassles one experiences when they plan to undertake the project on their own. The do-it-yourself approach can lead an individual to miss out on deals with competitive rates, permits and safety standards. It can also impact the output of the project which might not align with the vision they wanted to see fulfilled.

We have a dedicated service department of operation managers, supervisors, and builders who look after a project, from start to finish to ensure quality delivery and timely completion. We also offer our clients a single point of contact who guides them throughout the project and resolve any queries.

Do You Have The Required License Or Insurance?

A commercial fit out company in Melbourne must have proper certification and training to ensure that they can carry out your project safety and with professionalism. The commercial fit out contractor must be licensed, bonded and insured to eliminate any scenarios that can lead to dangerous situations on-site. Requesting proof of license and certificates is highly recommended before signing the contract.

How Will The Payment Process Work?

Prior to assigning the project to a commercial fit out company, you must clarify the cost it will incur. The company should provide a comprehensive quote with a breakdown for the expenses, without leaving any detail out. As an assignee, you should seek options to pay in parts instead of making a full payment upfront at the start of the project. Look out for financing options that can help you make a smart breakdown of payment so that you can retain control for the project.

In addition to the payment, you must also seek clarity about the service warranty. A commercial fit out firm will provide a warranty for their services, especially when they install their equipment or use material on the property. At Hirison, we maintain transparency in our processes by providing our clients with a fixed contract and 2-year service warranty.

How Much Time Will You Take In Completing The Project?

Time is money and nowhere will this statement manifest itself more evidently than in a fit out project. Every day spent in a commercial fit out work is a sales opportunity that a business owner is compromising on. Therefore, it becomes important to set a timeframe in advance and fix a penalty in case it is not fulfilled.

The success of a commercial fit out project depends on the quality of service and attention to details provided by a company or the contractors. Not only should the team looking after the project be professional but also fast and reliable in terms of project delivery. If you are looking for specialists for your commercial fit out project in Melbourne, you have come to the right place! Contact us today for the on-site assessment and consultation so that we can provide you with a quote at a competitive price.